About Us

About Christopher M Wolfe

Christopher M Wolfe's experience spans over 25 years in commercial real estate and due diligence consulting that includes over 3,000 Property Condition Assessments, Physical Needs Assessments, Physical Needs Reviews, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, and Construction Progress Monitoring reports. Traveling throughout the United States, South America and Western Europe, Mr. Wolfe has provided due diligence services to a wide range of end-users including multi-national banks, attorneys, real estate management companies, real estate investors and corporate real estate professionals. Recent projects were completed for clients in North Africa, Asia and Australia.

Client industries include Aerospace, Consumer Products, Education, Energy, Entertainment, GSA / Government, Hospitality, Insurance, Healthcare Management, IT/Communications, Logistics, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals and Transportation.

Mr. Wolfe has performed property assessments on all types of commercial properties including but not limited to: Assisted living / skilled nursing facilities, entertainment properties, hotels, industrial facilities, low and high-rise commercial buildings, medical facilities, mobile home parks, multi-family complexes / developments and retail properties.

Projects have been completed under multiple programs and guidelines including; ASTM, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD-MAP, Homeland Security and client specific guidelines.

Mr. Wolfe's background and experience is applicable in dealing with the multi-faceted aspects of commercial real estate due diligence consulting as well as providing sound knowledge of approaches to identifying and evaluating conditions and risks.


Why Lewiston Wolfe ?

Lewiston Wolfe LLC. is a real estate consulting firm specializing in third party due diligence needs of the commercial real estate industry. The firm is based in the Midwest and has consulted and performed Property Condition Assessment, Construction Monitoring, Operational Planning, Physical Needs Assessments, Service Inspections and Commercial Real Estate Transactions throughout United States for more than 25 years.

The firm can seamlessly handle portfolios of properties or single sites including GSA Buildings, High-Rise Office towers, Hospitals, Hotels, Industrials Sites/Pars, Manufacturing Facilities, Mobile Home Communities, Multi Family (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac) Regional Malls, Retail Stores (Big-Box) and Shopping Centers.

We complete 100% of all projects on time, we strictly follow ASTM E2018 standards and our commercial property condition assessment requires little to no editing or revisions.

What's more? You can now rest easy, knowing that the top 20 commercial real estate lenders and boutique investment firms in the US trust our services. So if you are serious about maintaining relationship with your clients and getting their repeat business, it's time to connect with Lewiston Wolfe the only PCA provider you need in throughout the Midwest.